Chrysalis Entrepreneur Forum

CEF is a conglomerate of Entrepreneurs which aims to build better businesses and in turn make a positive dent in the GDP of The Nation. It maintains the momentum that is built during "The Game of Business" an entrepreneur empowerment program. The forum consists of core members who provide the growing ecosystem to the different teams of CEF members from different industries, who are ambitious, growth-oriented and committed to learn and share from their life experiences and together achieve growth. Single intelligence is always subordinated to cumulative or group intelligence.

Our Purpose

To continuously experience the joy of better business and thereby leading to inclusive growth. CEF aims at accelerating the growth and scaling up through group dynamism of all member entrepreneurs. It is to make realize & maximize the potential of entrepreneurs so as to scale, create and be a meaningful citizen of India.

Our Core Values

- Success Transfers
- Abundance mindset
- Implementation
- No postponement to life

Our Vision

To build a strong fraternity of growth-hungry entrepreneurs supporting an inbuilt ecosystem and make a contribution of 2% to the GDP growth of India by 2025.

CEF Activities & Initiatives

Apart from continuously upgrading oneself with organization skills, various life enhancement activities & initiatives are taken in the domain of social, professional and a belief that there is no postponement to life. It is about having the right balance between doing work and having fun.

Speakers at CEF

CEF invites eminent speakers every month from different walks of life to address the forum members which enables them to scale up their organisations.

Team HUM

An Organisational Vision Program

A 3 hour power packed session by MG that brings together Entrepreneurs and their team members to realign themselves to the organisational vision and purpose. In this program, MG connects seamlessly with every team member of various organizations and explains the sincere purpose of having a single vision in a context easily understood. The accent here is on how there should be team ownership and accountability by inculcating the core purpose and the core values of the organization.