"If feeding your body is your responsibility then feeding your mind is whose responsibility?"
- MG

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The opportunities created by today’s global knowledge economy coupled with the ‘unshackling of indigenous enterprise’, have contributed to making India a ‘fertile ground’ for Entrepreneurship.

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individual Program

At Chrysalis we believe that every individual can be a success story if he continuously works on and expands his success pentagon. This pentagon comprises of knowledge, attitudes, skills, habits and strategies.

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Meet MG
Chairman, Chrysalis Group

MG, Chairman, Chrysalis Group. Mentor and role model to a legion, he has sought to serve the aspirations of entrepreneurs, leaders, professionals, homemakers, students and teenagers and thus contributed his mite towards a more evolved society. He is an acknowledged authority on Entrepreneur Empowerment, Leadership Development and Organization Turnaround. He has made a positive difference to the lives of more than half a million, 1000+ Entrepreneurs and 1500+ organizations.

MG is also the founder of Chrysalis Entrepreneur Forum and The Chrysalis Foundation.

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Listen to MG on our Youtube Channel and stay motivated and inspired on by daily dose of motivation.

About chrysalis

Chrysalis is into the business of "Empowering Entrepreneurs” through its core activities of business coaching, business consulting and organizational turnaround interventions.

Chrysalis was founded by MG in 1997 with a very powerful purpose which was "to enable individuals and organizations reach a higher level of thinking thereby giving a meaning to their existence."

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TGOB brought a lot of alignment within the team and me, which improved communication, efficiency, productivity and performance. Effective delegation made people take ownership and accountability. I started getting lot of time for myself. In the last two years, I did “Pune to Kanyakumari” on cycle and “Kanyakumari to Kashmir” on bike. I also travelled from Pune to Singapore on bike which was a distance of 10,000 kms over a period of one and half months.

Mr. Yatin Tambe | (Chairman - Friction Welding Technologies Pvt. Ltd.)