Life Leadership Program

Make your Life A Story worth telling !

It's in this one life we got to do what all we can. There is no second chance, no second innings, just this one life...

  • Should we then not explore how to maximise from life?
  • Should we then not pick up a few tools to live better?
  • Should we then not understand that there must be a better way to live?
  • Should we then not fast forward our life by benefiting from the wisdom of others?

No matter where we are in our lives - whether it be our physical health or setting ambitious goals or handling challenging situations or maintaining our energy levels or developing soulful relationships or communicatig effectively or managing our emotions , our ego - there is always a higher level still possible , there is still a better way to live

Life Leadership Program is a 4 day residential program - A retreat which will unfold unlimited possibilities for you in all spheres of your life. Life Leadership Program has been instrumental in transforming thousands of lives through its more than 125 batches over the past 20 years.

Program Delieverables.

  • Building Vision and Purpose of Life
  • Goal Setting & Decision Making
  • Multiplying Confidence
  • Empowering Communication
  • Intricacies of Human Dynamics
  • Power of Self Talk
  • Managing Time
  • Nurturing Relationships
  • Infusing Enthusiasm

There is so much more life can offer to each one of us and Life is never partial, Its the way it is. It's just that it gives maximum to those who embrace it, to those who understand it, to those who conduct themselves in accordance with the game of life.

My life

Journey to within

It is a six-day residential program which unfolds itself in the foothills of Himalayas' amidst the abundance of nature. This program exclusively for Chrysalians who have completed the Life Leadership Program successfully.

It is a perfect hideaway to spend quality time with someone who matters the most – “ YOUR OWN SELF”

My Life is an upgrade to the Life Leadership Program. It uncovers the layers of pretences we have created around our seed and unveils the most beautiful being in the universe called LOVE.

The valleys are calling out to you. Come and experience your My Life.


Discover the joy of blissful married life


The most intimate & beautiful relationship of life… A fulfilling marriage takes time & effort; it has to be nurtured to strengthen it further… We all have commitments at work, with family and towards life… And quest of fulfilling them shadows the better half of our lives… Do we ever realize this??

Ehsaas will take you on a journey full of love, romance, intimacy, togetherness, nostalgia spiced with a lot of fun… EHSAAS is for the couples who are happily married & want to make the relationship happier “It is not about fixing something wrong, but about building it right & strong”

EHSAAS will enable the couples to:
  • Rediscover the essence of their marriage
  • Standby & for each other... Forever
  • Fulfill the aspiration of being the perfect couple
  • Live together with the joys & sorrows of the enduring relationship

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Read more testimonials

People do not know loving yourself is good. Even I didn't know until Life Leadership program happened to me. Cheers Nilesh!!

Nilesh Maniyar

My life was a journey within, where i could connect to my innersoul and realised the purpose of my life. I could understand the balance that i wanted to have in my life & my journey has begain to achive & maintain it.

Unmesh Gugale

Ehsaas has been like a “cherry on the cake “.. has made our fights sweeter & has enabled us to understand each other in a better manner. Enjoyed the experience of writing the love letter the most.

Jyoti & Ganesh Nimhan