About Chrysalis

Chrysalis is into the business of "Empowering Entrepreneurs" through its core activities of business coaching, business consulting and organizational turnaround interventions.

Chrysalis was founded by Manish Gupta in 1997 with a very powerful purpose which was "to enable individuals and organizations reach a higher level of thinking thereby giving a meaning to their existence."

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The Game Of Business

The Game Of Business or TGOB is an Entrepreneur Empowerment program of 1 year for entrepreneurs and businessmen. A brainchild of Manish Gupta, chairman of Chrysalis Group, TGOB program provides a practical business education along with coaching, advising and networking insights.

Through the program, participants will gain insight and skills in topics such as entrepreneurial mindset, vision planning, values & purpose identification, sales & marketing, finance, leadership & human resource optimisation by proper employee management and all this is supported by a strong implementation in their businesses.

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Life 360

Life 360 is a Life Leadership Program by Manish Gupta. This program is about connecting with self, connecting with the universe around and reconnecting with the purpose of our life. It is more than finding confidence and rather about realising our own perpetuating potential in life. This program is for individuals of all ages who want to find life's purpose, courage to face challenges, steps to growth, and a channel to initiate a work-family-life balance.

It's a holistic start to being self-aware, feeling empowered and enhancing self-being. And most importantly, it is about loving self and loving the world we have created which includes all small and big relations.

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Ehsaas, is a realisation and nurturing of the most intimate relationship in an individual's life- with their spouse. A bond between a husband and a wife passes through many ups and downs in the course of life but what holds them together is their commitment to each other. In this (mention course period) of journey, Ehsaas with Manish and Rachna Gupta teaches the way to find love, reignite old love and how to foster love amid all other professional, social and family commitments.

This program is not about fixing something that seems to be lost or broken but about building a bond that's intense and stronger towithstand all challenges in life. It's about finding ways and bringing balance to a marital life in between all the chaos of the world.

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About Manish Gupta

Wouldn't it be exciting and empowering to arm yourself with a modus operandi for your business based on techniques, tools and strategies used by world's leading visionary companies? Manish Gupta has invested more than 20 years into consulting the most accomplished organizations and business leaders. His connect with the entrepreneurs comes from the fact that he himself is an entrepreneur at heart.his experience as an entrepreneur resonates with his mentees as they find his teachings pragmatic and right on target. The Game of Business program is the culmination of all that he has witnessed and learnt from his own experience and also studying world's leading organizations. You will leave this breakthrough program with the essential tools to shape your business and drive it to incredible success.

Entrepreneurs have come to realize that today's business cannot be done with yesterday's knowledge, today's teams cannot be led with yesterday's capabilities, today's challenges cannot be handled with yesterday's approach and attitudes.

- Manish Gupta

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Life of Chrysalians

Chrysalis Entrepreneur Forum is a conglomerate of entrepreneurs that is built during The Game Of Business program. This consortium already includes 850+ entrepreneurs across 30 industries and is chaired by Entrefluencer Manish Gupta. Its sole goal is to help businesses grow by exchange of ideas, experiences and lessons from others in the group.

At Chrysalis, every program is designed in a manner that helps make a positive dent in the GDP of the nation- and CEF enhances this through wisdom of knowledge from leaders and growing entrepreneurs belonging to different industries.

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